class libbe.command.util.Completer(options)
libbe.command.util.bug_from_uuid(bugdirs, uuid)
libbe.command.util.bugdir_bug_comment_from_user_id(bugdirs, id)

List possible path completions for fragment.

libbe.command.util.complete_assigned(command, argument, fragment=None)
libbe.command.util.complete_bug_comment_id(command, argument, fragment=None, active_only=True, comments=True)
libbe.command.util.complete_bug_id(command, argument, fragment=None)
libbe.command.util.complete_bugdir_id(command, argument, fragment=None)
libbe.command.util.complete_command(command, argument, fragment=None)

List possible command completions for fragment.

command argument is not used.

libbe.command.util.complete_extra_strings(command, argument, fragment=None)
libbe.command.util.complete_path(command, argument, fragment=None)

List possible path completions for fragment.

libbe.command.util.complete_severity(command, argument, fragment=None)
libbe.command.util.complete_status(command, argument, fragment=None)
libbe.command.util.select_values(string, possible_values, name='unkown')

This function allows the user to select values from a list of possible values. The default is to select all the values:

>>> select_values(None, ['abc', 'def', 'hij'])
['abc', 'def', 'hij']

The user selects values with a comma-separated limit_string. Prepending a minus sign to such a list denotes blacklist mode:

>>> select_values('-abc,hij', ['abc', 'def', 'hij'])

Without the leading -, the selection is in whitelist mode:

>>> select_values('abc,hij', ['abc', 'def', 'hij'])
['abc', 'hij']

In either case, appropriate errors are raised if on of the user-values is not in the list of possible values. The name parameter lets you make the error message more clear:

>>> select_values('-xyz,hij', ['abc', 'def', 'hij'], name="foobar")
Traceback (most recent call last):
UserError: Invalid foobar xyz
  ['abc', 'def', 'hij']
>>> select_values('xyz,hij', ['abc', 'def', 'hij'], name="foobar")
Traceback (most recent call last):
UserError: Invalid foobar xyz
  ['abc', 'def', 'hij']

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